Raw – Vibrant – Unapologetic

The paintings of Shirley Sakatani are borne from the twists and turns of major life changes; channeling emotion into large florals and koi in acrylics on canvas – bright, exploding, and full of movement.

A graduate of California State University in fine arts; Shirley hails from a creative family: Grandfather Yamashita was a renowned landscaper and designer of koi ponds as well as a prolific gardener. Father Bacon Sakatani is a well-known advocate for Japanese survivors of the internment camps in WWII; a photographer and an inventor.

A lifetime immersed in creativity inspires Shirley to teach others with a step-by-step method in a variety of settings.

Aside from the large and loose acrylics, Shirley wields oils into realistic, heart-warming portraits of pets; clients rave about the animation and personality captured in these smaller works.

The Sakatani style is a blend of strong composition, impressionist couplings, capturing light, layering and pushing colors, and emphasizing feeling over detail. The technique ranges from an explosive and wild view of nature to a graceful and warm embrace of creation.

Armed with decades of experience and love; Shirley Sakatani is unleashing new and powerful works for the world to enjoy.

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Shirley age 4.jpg